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almost an inch and a half, close to two inches in oakland towards concord, 1.68. san jose, over an inch and a third of rain. take a look at the the santa cruz mountains almost eight inches of rain. there is more coming. we take a look at the peak wind gusts, 86 miles an hour, golden gate bridge, 60 miles per hour wind gusts. here is a look at storms, stormy weather saturday night at 11:00 p.m. in the far northern end of the viewing area. it slides south. the next storm moves in, wet, windy, heavy rain. heading into 9:00 a.m. this will be shifting off to the east. our live doppler 7 hd will be keeping track. i'll be back with another update in just minutes. >> all of this leads to dangerous road conditions. a 3-year-old strapped in a car seat suffered head injuries when he was thrown from a jeep during a spinout on highway 4 just east of the hill crest
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avenue. the force threw the boy out. car seat and through a window. there were others injured as well, no word yet on the their conditions. >> sandhya warned us north bay would get the brunt of the storm. that has. mark matthews has a wrap up of the conditions. mark? >> we're here creekside and as you can see, the camera pulls out, plenty of room for water to rise, but the creek showing signs of the levels. in larks spur, the storm knock out electricity to several hundred residents, pg&e reports 2000 customer was out power. 447 students in wade thomas elementary called to say no school because there is no power. >> every parent in the classroom was called so we take care of the 19 classrooms. >> the assistant superintendent tells us the
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phone tree system worked great. other trees didn't fare so well. this came down last night. >> residents described a wild night. >> crazy i woke up about mid night. i don't think anyone on the dock saw a night's sleep. >> what's happening? >> wind, houses moving. it was just, you know, crazy. like living on the high seas along 101, wind tore up this tent. >> the rain coming underneath the camper. lifting it up like this. >> torn to pieces? >> yes. yes. >> i'm not in business today, i think. >> nearby park and ride more of a park and wade. >> that is mark matthews reporting. the latest power outage numbers shows the north bay has most customer was out power now.
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elsewhere, 8 hup homes and business was out power in the east bay. some 600 in santa cruz mountains. 200 in the south bay. 50 in san francisco. >> let's go live to vic lee now. vick? >> this is one of two sandbag stations in menlo park. there are five yards of sand at each station. i am told that this is the second pile of sand crews have placed here at the station since yesterday. obv precautions but there were no major problem as associated with the storm today. >> of this creek was roaring fast this morning. but the santa clara valley water district says there are no problems today. all of the creeks that had potential to flood were way below overflow levels.
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in atherton, workers at the high school were busy trying to drain water from the football field which was flooded. the water levels stood three to four inches above the turf field just built this summer, one main pump add broken during the night. in san bruno, hundreds of residents in this neighborhood near skyline boulevard lost power during early morning hours. the limb of a large tree broke off, calling -- falling on a pole, which cracked in half, snapping the lines. crews were trying to get power back to some customers quickly as they could. >> half of the people will get power back on within probably an hour and a half or so. the rest will be out for a while. until we can fix that pole. >> that could take time. this is the neighborhood that seems used to power outages happening when strong winds whip up the hillside.
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elizabeth ask her husband lived here four decade autos my husband and i bought a camp stove. because our stove is electric. and so used to electricity being out, you know, we are now using the camp stove. >> well, pg&e crews have been working nonstop on the peninsula at one point this morning there were 500 customer was out power. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you. difficult conditions to work in the patrol is not sure if the storm played a role in this rollover accident but slick roads caused crashes around the east bay today. at least one person went to the hospital after this incident on eastbound interstate 580 in oakland, clogged storm drains caused flooding in intersections like to one near jack lond yn square. crews spent the day clearing lane autos abc 7 news reporter is live in san francisco where the storm caused pricey problems.
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>> this is where the great highway is closed to lincoln way. here the city is trying to prevent damage this morning on pine street. the city had to clean up after a tree that fell over on a car. >> this is scary. i witnessed it. it was scary. >> she is describing when the tree fell over that happened at about 8:30. this tree landed on a mercedes-benz. the tree trunk rolled off the car. the car belongs to ashley jenkins. >> i hope it's not a total loss. i just bought the car. soy love it. it's been a great car for me so far. but i'm just trying to think positively about it. >> residents say is not the first time a tree has fallen over. year, neighbors are concerned trees are old and too
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vulnerable. >> i am concerned about the people driving down pine street and about my family. >> trees air major concern for workers. rec and park crews decided this tree is just about to fall. so they decided before it did damage. large storm waves fell on the coast. jeff who lives in a home by the shore says living here means you have to be ready when the types of storms come through. >> you should stay prepared. actually. have batteries on hand. should be there is no surprise to anyone living in the bay area. >> great highway remains closed due to storms between slope and lincoln way. 1:00 p.m. sky as above the city brightened by a passing rainbow. >> the wind started to pick up here, we talked to crews who told us they've caught up with the trees throughout the city. and now, they're prepared for more in the next couple of day autos thank you.
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talking about the wind, today's wet and windy weather that is a holiday accept braigs. the lights are up and zoo lights will open on monday, weather permitting. it will remain open. the director tells us animals enjoy rain and mud. there they are. >> yes. enjoying it. flight delays averaging about an hour, airlines cancelled 70 flights, most short hauls to and from other cities. oakland international airport not reporting significant delays, neither is san jose but officials in three airports urge you to call before heading to airports. for up to the minute information on delays check out flight tracker on the front of our web site. >> morning commuters in the park. the storm knocked out lights about an hour, no metering lights. that caused a lot of pack ups and made navigating those merging lanes chaotic.
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before 6:30, the lights on the western suspension span began to flicker on. you can see. it took three minutes for the span to light up again. >> flooding is a big concern in parts of sonoma county under a flash flood warning today. >>/r7ç businesses suffered heavy damage in 2005. awc 7 news reporter was w.more now from petaluma. >> from yesterday, about four and a half feet from yesterday, yesterday, we're seeing ground, grass, puddle autos andrew knows the creek well, is behind his office building. he knew rain was coming. still, volume of water appearing suddenly in the creek was still a surprise. but at least water is staying in the creek for now. near ron york park, emergency crews were on scene assessing this situation before dawn. petaluma river made a mess at stoney point road. >> we need new kayak autos bobby has a mobile home with brand new floor autos this water came up quickly this
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morning. we're hoping it stays where it is right now. so we don't get wet. >> people are watching and waiting as the drenching is not done, yet. amazing the amount of water, if we've got three more days there is no way the banks are going to hold that. >> police say it is business as usual. they don't have plans for extra patrols during this storm. in petaluma, abc 7 news. >> we have full resources for you on how to stay safe during the season. >> you'll find prepare norcal advice on our web site. >> you can also track the storm any time on our web site with live doppler 7 hd. here is another look where it's coming down right now. sandhya patel will have the weather forecast just ahead. >> plus, a mysterious break in, murder investigation underway now in an upscale silicon valley neighborhood. >> also, michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them
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here live. you can contact michael on and on twitter. >> at 4:11 first check of traffic. you know, normal friday afternoon traffic going to be impacted when getting any sort of rain coming down. it's slow. acrawl going left to right on the lower deck of the bay bring. better holding southbound on the right side of the screen. back with
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we're continuing with storm watch coverage here on
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abc 7 news at 4:00. this is a view as you can seejñ, it's coming down there, gloomy skies, and we'll continue to keep you posted as in a little bit of a bull in -- lull in most bay area locations. we're expecting more rain still to come throughout the weekend. >> ross valley fire officials confirm a body was found among ashes of a burnt cabin. thegú small structure in cascade canyon near fairfax burned to the ground. the cabin so remote, firefighters needed 700 feet of hose to reach from the street to the burning structure, at one point, family members showed up at the scene. no information on the victim or the cause of the fire has been released. >> neighbors horrified in the community as police investigate the firstdu/a
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there is a lull before the next waves hit. >> this storm pushed east. we're just getting showers right now. our own radar on mount st. helena. the next storm could affect weekend plans looks like it's going to bring us rain and wind as well. live picture now from our
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emeryville camera. we do have clouds out there. atmosphere still moist. and still, skiing some wet roadways out there. so check out live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you what it looks like. showers, very light. very spotty. and a little breezy out there. first go to the north bay there. eli road around petaluma we're getting light showers towards lakeville highway. as we show you the area just east of there, northeast of there, vaca valley road, moderate rain heading that waichl still a lot of instability. down towards south bay, southern san jose, light returns. silver creek valley road, showers showing up at this hour, here is the forecast. showers on and off through saturday. heavy rain, wind for sunday morning. the flood watch continues throughout sunday. so here is a look at satellite and radar, this is the storm impressive when it came through with heavy rain and
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wind. i'm sure you noticed it. that storm number two, moving out there. there was a clap of thunder behind that storm, storm number three is developing. and this is looking like it's going to bring us more heavy rain. tonight we're in between storms, so we'll see rain out there. just periods of rain. really going into saturday morning you'll get breaks in the wet weather as well. 7:00 a.m. you'll see rain focused in the north bay. as we head into afternoon, on saturday, showers will continue. by 5:00 p.m. saturday night, north of santa rosa we'll continue to see rain and wind picking up, turning stormy heading into sunday morning so at 6:00 a.m. most stormy weather focused north of the golden gate bridge. the weather slides south and east at 8:00 m aa.m. we continue into the day, 10:00 a.m. still heavy rain and wind focused towards south bay and
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santa cruz mountains. behind this system showers taper at noon time and heading into the afternoon. the raiders playing at 1:25 sunday against browns and right now, it does look okay. i'll take the rain gear on the back edge of the system. should push through by the time the game gets started. rainfall totals up to seven inches in north bay mountains. two and a half to five inches north bay. one and a half to three inches peninsula, east bay. south bay, less, one to two inches of rain. now, we'refñi. monitoring rives for you. russian river near hopland just over nine feet. expected to hit close to 24 feet, as we head into sunday afternoon, putting above stood stage, 21 feet. russian river at guerneville, flood stage is 32 feet.
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look at 21 feet right now. it's expected to get close to flood stage at 31 feet going into early monday, late sunday afternoon. high surf advisory until saturday, 4:00 a.m. for coastal areas. waves remaining high. watch out for rip currents. upper 50s to mid-60s, scattered showers saturday. accu-weather forecast is showing you a third, final in a series. more rain tuesday and a chance wednesday but that does not look near the intense storm that just blue through here today. >> time wise, what are we looking at? before getting weather activity? >> not until late tomorrow night. those of you with weekend plans on saturday, this is going to be raining up there. don't just let your guards down. many of you will be sleeping
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going into early sunday morning. >> sunday sounds like the rough one. >> yes. >> coming up next, it was 30 years ago thriller was released. now, you can own a piece of the costume. >> now, who will share half of the record power ball jackpot. what they plan to do with new riches. >> and taking a look at traffic right now on the golden gate bridge, it's light in both directions. people perhaps deciding to stay home on this very wet day. stay with us. abc 7 news
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internet blackout is now in its second day. google has been trying to give a voice to those cutoff from the world. >> people my great to tab blets and phones. hi, john. >> hey there, larry. yeah. there are more sign that's glory days for the pc are long gone. you'll remember windows 8 system supposed to boost sales, turns out pc sales got no boost and research firm npd says sales of windows devices fell 2 is% since windows 8 was released in late october. the report comes as we're learning microsoft is planning to speed up the frequency of
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the windows upgrades to about once per year. microsoft shares down a little more than 1%. in today's trading session. meantime, verisign shares down after the company's new contract with the government came out, it can manage domain name buzz may no longer be able to raise prices without prior approval. >> let's talk about the broader markets. stocks will changed. investors weighed on budget talks. apple, cisco, yahoo dragging the index down. it is the second day senior citizens unable to access the interthet but google are letting syrians get the message out with a communications service called speak to tweet. users call a phone number, leaving a message that is
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posted to the speak to stweet account. in san sfran, back to you vrx a good weekend. >> you too, john. thank autos 30 years ago today michael jackson released the album "thriller". >> the song "beat it" and red jacket he wore in the video is up for sale this ubd sunday. >> how much are we bid something the jacket one of more than 400 cost yumz displayed in a auction house, several thriller costumes are up for bismd a portion will go to charity. >> yes. some of those are iconic image autos golden globe wards a little more than a month away. >> celebrations have started. we have details in today's report from on the red carpet dum. >> actor clint eastwood in the spotlight for years. how now, attention shifting to
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his daughter named miss golden globe. >> please welcome to the podium miss golden globes 2013, francesca eastwood. >> the announcement made last night as miss golden globe she will assist onstage during the ceremony but so far, no fatherly advice. >> i know that he is going to be giving me advice like the day of. but you know, he always tells me just to stay poised. >> the party was full of stars from shows that have high hopes for nominations. >> this motto is cautiously optimistic. we're all smart enough on the show this isn't going to last forever. there is going to be a new it show taking our place. >> nominations will be announced december 13th.
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>> still continuing storm watch weather. it's a wet afternoon in stanford right now. >> i'm mike shumann. the rain has been intimatent all afternoon. we'll have a preview of the condition of the field and the game coming up. >> shuu looking dry there. a rescue off the coast of mexico. troops help save an injured ship worker. >> later, this looks like fun. how officials are working to keep those hazardous toys off
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storm watch continues this afternoon as a second in a srdz of lingering storms is here in the bay area. this is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see scattered showers. >> we have a live shot from heavenly ski resort f you're a skier, you just loving this. more rain means more fresh powder for you. and so, i can't tell whether it's snowing there but there is plenty on the ground. >> we have live team coverage now. mike shumann has a pack 12 championship game that might look like the mud bowl.
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>> we'll first go to wayne freedman live in shellville. wayne? >> you night mite wonder why is this man standing in the middle of a highway during a busy hour? it's route 12. it's flooded and closed all day long. there is the water there. nothing compared to the ways was earlier. where i'm standing right now we would have been underwater, here, this is one of the side roads. this looks more like a river down, nothing but water. that is some of the result of the rain that fell last night. let's show you what it looked like earlier. >> going to try it? >> no. no. >> sure? >> positive. >> all that nan baker needed was one look. in sonoma county objects in mirrors are closer than they appear, flood waters, deeper. especially at route 12 and highway 121.
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it's almost common that after heavy rains a creek washes out the intersection. the fix would be easy from a civil engineering point of view. dredge the silt. but the chief of public works tells us its hands are tied. >> their argument is that it would be some serious environmental impacts if we dredge the creek downstream. i don't, i think the people are having to deal with flooding would not agree. but the federal agencies. >> and if the federal agencies did allow them to dredge the road, it would not be the creek z there would be traffic on highway 121 going through here, people might be getting home faster just one example of a chronic frustration and why it happens. >> thank you. >> sky 7 was over stanford
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stadium today. you can see the tarp on the field protecting it. figures to be a soggy night. stanford takes on ucla, mike shumann joins us live now. shu what is it like right now. >> as you can see, wind is blowing on the flags. let's show you the field. today they took the tarp off about 1:30. and the field was in pristine condition. there had to be air blowers before they rolled it down. once it came out, the sun came out. side lines were soaking wet. this is for a berth in the rose bowl. we talked yesterday with david shaw just thankful for the
4:34 pm
work the athletic department put in on making this a dry field. >> we're grateful to our team. this is a great job making sure the field is the possible possible condition. >> the coach up here at san francisco so playing a lot of games in this weather. and i think it favors the team that executes the best. >> you know, i don't think it has a lot of bearing on anything that you do structural lie well, offense is having advantage of a game like thchl they know where they're going. turnovers will be the difference. games sold out about 70%. not a lot of tickets bought from ucla fans but as i said these are the first two teams to play against each other in the season finale and a week later in history of college football.
4:35 pm
so doesn't matter what weather is going to be. it's is on the line. >> a lot of tail gating out there. is the rain keeping things quiet? >> well, a lot of the parking lots as you know down here, ared intoed. a lot of vice presidents parking lots you can't get in them. there is mud. plus you have traffic. if you didn't get here early it's going to take a while. fans i think are here to stay. they want to see stanford get back to rose bowl. >> carolyn wearing her red today. she's concerned about the wet conditions. and ucla scoring fluke touchdowns and sewed we should crush ucla. >> we should. >> yes. >> you calling a win tonight a big one? >> we'll see. wayne freedman went to ucla.
4:36 pm
we know who he is cheering for. that newsroom has mixed emotion autos a lot of tension. >> yes. >> thank you. >> no announcement from supreme court in dealing with prop 8. the justices met today to dus tis -- discuss when to give the right to marry. the court silent today on what, if anything was decided. the next opportunity coming on monday. prop 8 approved in 2008 but overturned on appeal. if the justices let the ruling stand, staerjs could -- smaerjz could begin in california within day autos month ofett field airmen rescued a man from the 129th rescue wing reach that had ship yesterday.
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a medic repelled on to the deck, secured the injured seaman then hoisted him on to a chopper. a c 130 was waiting to fly the victim to san diego. >> when abc 7 news at 4:00 continues raiders make a decision on what to do with linebacker maclaine. >> duchess of camebridge making a station statement. kate middleton's visit to her childhood school, next. >> 7 on your side q and a just ahead. you can contact me at faceboo and on twitter. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. >> live doppler 7 still tracking spotty showers. a third storm is on the way. that will bring us more rain this weekend.
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details coming up. >> another check of traffic from our camera look down at 80 east. mcarthur maze area a sea of headlights trying to go from better for folks on the right side of the screen. side of the screen. more still to you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore.
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uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! here is another look at the daniel caused by the storm. sky 7 flew over treasure island.
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you can see flooding creating puddles on the lower lying streets. this picture he says this happens almost every time. >> another weather picture from robin showing wind damage, my goodness, outside of the juvenile justice center in san francisco. send your photos to us or you can share them to us on our facebook page. or on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> things are much quieter for the moment. >> right. key words there for the most. here is sandhya patel with a look ahead. >> looking ahead, we have a few showers out there. the worst has moved off. getting down to street level around napa we're seeing light showers and dry creek road,
4:42 pm
around sonoma, light showers. around novato we're seeing light to moderate rainfall south novato boulevard. it's slick in spots. around south bay, east bay, spotty showers. fremont parkway, light rainfall returns. here is a look at storm three. it's developing in the pacific getting in here this weekend. so tomorrow afternoon, just some showers if you have outdoor plans, temperatures upper 50s to mid-60s then as we look ahead to sunday there is a big game going on. raiders will be playing at coliseum up against browns. at 1:25, i think clouds will be there but rain shifted out. 59 at 1:25. if you're heading to the game make sure you bundle up. the heaviest rain late
4:43 pm
saturday night, sunday morning. that is when you'll need to watch out. >> duchess of cambridge went back to school for a visit telling teachers and students at st. andrews school her 10 years there were among the happiest of her life. that is where she met her husband. then displayed her field hockey skills in three inch high boots. she was captain of the field hockey team at school. today's event she revealed her nickname was squeak. >> okay. >> yes. >> pretty good in the boots. on the field. >> yes. yes. >> that is -- . >> she's talented. >> still ahead a warning for parents. what officials are doing to stop dangerous toys that are produced overseas from getting on to store shelves here in the u.s.. >> i'm michael finney. sit safe to let a sales person ski into the register when you're returning an item?
4:44 pm
>> and it will be a fashion frenzy. one of the hottest collaborations revealing target numan
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raiders suspended row lando maclaine for two game, two days after he was sent home from practice. raiders haven't said yes is being punished. maclaine struggled on the field as well as off of it include ang assault year. those charges were dropped last month this is doubtful he's going to be back on the field as a raider. nfl fined four raiders for this brawl. all hit with $26,000 fines for the brawl that took place. >> u.s. customs office is stepping up to keep dangerous toys from coming. >> the united states. authorities taking toys right out of the boxes and testing them. some of what they're doing looked like fun but work is deadly serious and could save
4:48 pm
your child's live. >> this is showing there is a high content of led that. is something children could engist. >> this is video provided by official who's have seized two million toys and products. lead levels they found are a thousand times higher than u.s. federal standards allow. among red flags, pricey-looking toy that's seem too inexpensive. >> continuing michael winnie said to him through twitter and e mail and david we mailed when returning merchandise in a store i was asked for my driver's license. the sales person proceeded to scan it foot register. is this safe to let him do? >> has that happened to you? >> yes. >> do you know what is going on there? they're capturing information that is on the front of the license. the only thing that is on the
4:49 pm
back stripe. not your driving record or anything. just how tall you are, color of iz that sort of thing. there is a third party company that keeps track of with who returns what. that way, they say they stop fraud because people go in, and shop lift, and bring yimts back and return it. the question is, is the safe? you're giving up private information. but nothing that is all that hard to come buy okay. >> susan h asked this question. i registered to win a $1,000 gift card i got a text saying i won. now i'm getting e mails and phone calls from sales people. is this legal? >> somewhere in the little print where you signed it said when, in big letters and underneath said we can bother you and hassle you all we want. so yeah. they're allowed to do it. majority of those you can see
4:50 pm
a thousand dollars gift card for a retailer that is not from those retailers if you read fine print it's shaky. >> yes. >> just annoying. >> yes. yeah. >> ali wants to know i parked my car in san francisco. and the car behind my car parked too close. and i can't get out. who do i call? >> i'm presuming they're not there right now. >> yes. yes. >> michael finney would personally come to the vehicle. >> welcome to parking in the city. >> yes. >> here is the deal. is the guy parked legally? if he was there is nothing you can do. call the police they go he's legal, you're legal. end of it. they don't do anything to help you f they're parked illegally you call up 311. tell them about the problem, they call the department of parking and traffic they'll tow the guy for you. >> good to know. it does happen. >> i gently nudge the other vehicle out of the way.
4:51 pm
>> real quick, i'm giving away amazing treats ahead on abc 7 news 5:00. join me then we're going feed you well. >> we're looking forward to that. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> still ahead, half of the mystery is over. one power ball jackpot winner announced today. how the couple plans to handle the cash. >> looks like they're handling attention just fine. >> this individual yof a run away zebra and pony and let you know why the zebra has a new home. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, 300 cameras monitoring nine counties for trouble spots on the road. taking you behind the scenes of the command center. >> rain dumping snow in the sierra but bringing a problem forgsing some resorts there to close. we'll have the story comi
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4:55 pm
>> this week we brought you the story of zebra and pony. two got out of the property in staten island making a tour of the neighborhood. razy has been low ree located to new jersey. the owner zrnt a permit to keep a zebra. the owner moved him to another property. kas sper still on staten island. you don't need a permit to keep a pony. >> move over, black friday. and cyber monday. tomorrow is the day hard core fashion shopper have been waiting for. bull's eye saturday. between target and neiman marcus, limited edition items will go on sale at both stores and online. check out deals, these rag and bone sweaters or a hand bag
4:56 pm
$59.99. there are items from top designers. >> they asked about gift items i said what about taking a print on a bike. so it's this crazy floral fun. >> last year's collaboration featuring items from missoni created such a buzz the web site crashed. retailers are prom yitsing that will not happen this time. >> are you going to be going? >> i don't know. online is tempting. isn't it? >> for one of us, it s i'll watch you click. >> yes. >> holders of two winning tickets in the power ball picked up their winnings today. >> yes. cindy and mark gill couldn't help but smile posing with this check for $294 million. cindy says her husband gave her 10ses today buy the tickets. >> yes. >> go ahead, a quick pick, she chose the right combination. aside from buying a pony for a daughter the hills not sure
4:57 pm
what to do with the rest of the cash. >> we're still stunned by what happened. it's surreal. and people asking us what are you going to buy with it? i haven't thought about that. i want to go home and be back to normal. >> they're going to shop at the target sale. >> no official word from arizona but surveillance video from a gas station in maryland shows a guy celebrating after checking his ticket against winning numbers. and then, strutting around quickly to get out of the store. people in the store said he claimed he had won. they believe he's in the military and just returned from arizona. >> let's hope he has not lost that paper. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> i'm sandhya patel.
4:58 pm
live doppler 7 hd, watching showers now. will be tracking a storm this weekend. >> rain fell from the sky today. soaking the ground and sending trees across the bay area. we'll have live coverage on the new worries tonight as we break for the next storm system approaching right now. >> plus, hundreds of cameras capture trouble spots. on these wet days we'll take you behind the scenes of the caltrans command center. storm two is just about history. you can take a look at this live picture, these are dark, gray clouds hovering in the sky. not the darkness or the ominous views we saw today. >> those clouds turned roads into rivers like this one. cars up to the wheel wells in
4:59 pm
water. >> the storm uprooted and toppled trees and the wind twisted tents near the stintson beach exit. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> cheryl jennings is off as well. looks like two down, we have live team coverage for you. >> laura anthony shot is in the north bay. nick smith, east. we begin with sandhya patel tracking the system on live doppler 7 hd. >> you can see we do have showers. very scattered in nature across the region. taking you in closer here around the north bay. light showers santa rosa, yontville area. i'm going to show you where we're getting wet pavement. yontville, nappa, showers at this hour around

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Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 12/1/2012